The Adult Bully

This blog has been created by me, blog bitch, to use as a tool.  A tool for me to use as a “punching bag” as sorts, so that I don’t go off the deep end and punch the living *!@* out of a few choice people in my life.  I say “in my life” because unfortunately I have no choice but to see these people on a daily basis.  No, these are not family members.  No, these are not the typical assholes that you are are obvious assholes to the world as a whole.  But rather, these are the choice few who truly know how to mess with you psychologically to a point that can cause your self-esteem to begin nose diving.  It is one thing, as an adult, to have another adult attempt this “bullying” with you.  Funny – an adult bully – oh yes, they are out there.  It is another thing completely when it is someone close to you, a child, who has the art of this cancerous “bullying” down to a science.  Furthermore, it is even more terrifying when it is your own child who has become the target of this psychological  “bullying”.   Yes, I am holding out a lot of information from this blog.  But, it is only because I am trying to protect my child.  He is not alone out there.  There are many kids these days that have a sweet heart and to no fault of their own, do not have the “thick skin” that this world demands.

So, for my own sanity and safety of those around me, I have chosen to come here, to bitch on this blog.  To get it out of my system – to release all the things that I know I should not feel.  That I should not even begin to express.  Do you need a place for release?  Well, here you go – bring on your bitch!